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Forklift & Orderpicker On-Site Training

No Site Fees Big Discounts On Larger Numbers Booked We Travel To You Anywhere in NSW

All of our forklift and order picker license training courses require the theory elements and practical training elements of the WorkCover/ SafeWork licencing with direct supervision from our qualified trainers. Employers will need to allocate small blocks of study time and driving time (under supervision from a licenced operator) for your staff to prepare for the Forklift Licence Assessment. This is a popular option for companies looking to train your forklift and order picker operators. Classroom sessions vary in length from two to six hours, depending on your forklift types, applications and operators participating. The classroom is followed by hands-on evaluations lasting one to several hours depending on class size.

This of course can be adjusted to work around your time-pressure business requirements.

If your main goal for your training is to keep Workcover/ SafeWork off your doorstep, you are aiming too low. Our forklift and order picker training can certainly assist you and educate your operators with becoming Workcover/SafeWork compliant, but it can take you even further. Other things we can accomplish at the same time are as follows:

  • We help trainees better understand the best reasons to work safely

  • We show them the real-life consequences people face if they make bad safety decisions

  • We can help you identify and correct on-site safety problems during training.

  • We make training interesting and informative for both novices and licenced operators.

  • We frequently hear, "that was the best training I've ever had."

Forklift Operator Training can play an essential role in your company's cost of doing business. Studies have shown that more than 40% of your material handling costs can be operator related. This cost comes in the form of wages, workers compensation, level of productivity and damage done to your products, equipment and facilities.

It makes good business sense to train your operators, contractors or anyone that works in or near areas where forklift and order picker trucks are used. The benefits of training include a reduction in the number of work stoppages attributed to accidents. Improved operator confidence levels which ultimately increased both efficiency and productivity.

Every year Absolute Forklift Training conducts forklift and order picker safety training for hundreds of companies across NSW. Our market niche is providing high-quality forklift and order picker license training which greatly impacts on those attending and brings value and improved safety for all our customers. Our training programs integrate the latest trends with fork trucks, attachments and all changes of the regulations within the industry.

Our corporate customers range from small companies, who have basic requirements for training with only a few operators, to large companies who have a need for much larger volume training which meets their logistical and time-pressure requirements.

Why Does My Company Need To Train Its Operators?

It is estimated that each year at least 10% of all investigated accidents involving forklift trucks are caused largely by the lack of operator training, resulting in injury or fatality to operators and to those around them.

As an employer, you have an obligation to ensure that all operators who use work equipment are trained to approved standards and that their supervisors are also adequately trained.

"Every employer shall ensure that all persons who use work equipment have received adequate training for purposes of workplace health and safety, including training in the methods which may be adopted when using the work equipment, any risks which such use may imply and the precautions to be taken.

Every employer shall ensure that any of his employees who supervises or manages the use of work equipment has received adequate training for purposes of workplace health and safety, including training in the methods which may be adopted when using the work equipment, any risk which such use may imply and precautions to be taken."

In any industry, there is always a risk. Work-related accidents can happen even in the most safety-conscious of companies. These accidents, some fatal, cause suffering for the people involved and also for their dependents.

They also create a heavy cost on the employer's business - even an incident not involving injury may result in costly damage to trucks, buildings, fittings and to the loads being handled.

What Could Happen If You Do Nothing?

There is a very real possibility that if there is an accident, your company could be found to be negligent in discharging its duties under the Occupational Health & Safety Work Act. This could mean that your company insurance could be invalidated. Ultimately the directors could be found to be personally liable and incur massive fines.

The potential for adverse publicity, should a company be convicted, and the subsequent loss of goodwill and business should be deterrent enough to ensure that a good standard of health and safety training is maintained.

What Can You Do?

Employers should not allow anyone to operate forklift or order picker equipment, even on a very casual basis, if they have not satisfactorily completed basic training and testing.

Training, followed by regular monitoring of the performance of your operators, is by far the best way to promote the safe use of your equipment, and as you now know, the omission to train and licence your personnel could be a very real and costly mistake for you to make.

Implementing effective on-going training programs is therefore not only desirable, it is a legal requirement, and is the first step in reducing damage and injury to your key personnel.

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