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For All Your Training Licencing and Refresher Courses Enquiries.

Administration & General Email:

Head Office Training Centre Seven Hills Sydney

Unit 2 / 36 Abbott Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147

Phone: (02) 8678-4088 or (02) 8678-3444

Rutherford Newcastle Training Centre

Phone: 1300 271 399 Newcastle

68 Mustang Drive Rutherford Newcastle NSW 2320

Newcastle Web Site

At Absolute Forklift Training, we are dedicated to the principles that your training should be about you!

Our forklift training community and facilities make it easier for you to succeed because of weunderstand your needs and career goals.

Our Experienced Forklift Instructors/Trainers challenge you to develop personal responsibility and practical work skills in a hands-on format.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the path to your new career today by contacting us at 8678 3444 or filling out our online contact form.

Absolute Forklift Training' students find out first-hand that people make the difference. We want to make a difference.

Public Transport Directions For Seven Hills

We are situated approximately 15 minute easy walk from Seven Hills railway station.

If you are driving we are one minute from the end of the M2 exit and M2 entry, 1 minute from old Windsor road, or ten minutes from Parramatta by car.


Departs Parramatta Interchange Stand B4 at 7.20 am Take the T64 Hillsbus Region4

Arrives at the Abbott Rd TWAY at 7.39 am then walk 500 metres to 2/36 Abbott Rd.


Departs Seven Hills station at at 7.46 am take Bus 611 Hillsbus Region 4

Arrives at McDonalds Abbott Rd at 7.50 am then walk 200 metres to 2/36 Abbott Rd.

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